Labrador Retriever Jumps Into Water To Save His Friends Trapped In Canoe

Labrador Retriever Jumps Into Water To Save His Friends Trapped In Canoe

Not every hero wears a cape. Some have swaying tails and are coated in fur. The story is about a Labrador Retriever that comes to the rescue of a companion who has wandered away. The bond between two dogs is really valuable. You may watch the video below if you don’t want to miss out.

Robbie the Black Lab has two dog companions, Rusty and Bullet, who he adores. So he knew what he had to do when he saw them drifting down the river in a canoe. He dove into the water and paddled to the aid of the drowning victim.

Rusty even knew to hand his friend the rope so Robbie could pull the canoe to shore.

Robbie pushed himself out of the canoe. Rusty realized his pal was on his way to save the day as he approached. As a result, Rusty lowered the canoe’s rope into the water. Bullet, on the other hand, continued to bark the entire time.
Robbie then pulled the canoe to the shore with the rope in his teeth. All three dogs were soon safe on land, and they appeared to be extremely pleased with Robbie’s rescue mission. Despite Robbie’s bravery, the event was not purely based on quick thinking. In fact, the pups had pulled this “rescue mission” a number of times before.

As it turns out, the dogs enjoy playing this canoe rescue game. Robbie, like most Labrador Retrievers, enjoys demonstrating his retrieving skills to his family. Robbie was fast to retrieve the canoe when it blew into the water one day. Soon, the other two puppies got in on the action, so they’d jump into the canoe as it drifted away, knowing Robbie would come to “rescue” them. All three dogs are strong swimmers and could easily jump out of the canoe if they so choose.

Robbie’s mother recalled, “Robbie actually showed us how to rescue the canoe.” ” There was no threat to the dogs.” They were all born and raised on the river, starting when they were just a few months old. Robbie, the Black Lab, had the strongest legs of any dog I’d ever seen… Our dogs are capable of swimming the full 11-mile float trip.”

Rusty can also retrieve the canoe, according to Robbie’s mother. He knew just when to throw the rope to Robbie because of this. Bullet, on the other hand, simply wants his voice to be heard. As a result, he barks the entire time while the other two work. There’s no point in trying to stop them because they seem to be having a lot of fun with this strange game. It doesn’t matter what happens to the dogs as long as they are happy and safe.

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