Retired K9 shows everyone he’s still a hero saving lives of 2 toddlers in burning home

Becoming a K8 unit takes a long time and a lot of effort. Dogs recruited for such illustrious occupations must be unwaveringly loyal and courageous. Even after retirement, some police K9s appear to retain similar characteristics.

One such K9 is K9 Maxx, who previously worked for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. By rescuing a family from a burning house, he has once again proven himself to be a hero.

K9 work is a dream come true for this breed.

Maxx, a German shepherd, is one of the most sought-after dogs for K9 units. The breed is a natural when it comes to the work ethic demanded of a K9 officer. They’re also docile and loyal, making them ideal for the job. Maxx is the personification of this. 

Firefighters are called to a home fire.

A household fire was the first call for the Seminole County Fire Department. Chip Dover, a neighbor of the residence, alerted the fire department to the site. The fire had already overtaken the structure’s back patio area, according to Dover.

“The entire rear of the home is consumed,” Dover said in the 911 call.

The woman was helped to flee by a neighbor.

By busting a window with a piece of patio furniture, Dover participated in the rescue of one of the kidnapped family members. With the help of his kid, Dover was able to persuade his wife, Margo Feaser, to come to the window.

Maxx steps in to save the day.

Margo told Dover that her husband and two children were still living in the house. That’s when Margo’s husband’s dog, Maxx, came to the rescue. Maxx led firefighters through the home’s smoke-filled corridors as they arrived on the scene. He swiftly directed them to the two children, who were then safely removed.

The firefighters were then taken to Margo’s hubby by Maxx. He was also escorted to safety. The family had incurred injuries, some of which were significant, and was taken to a neighboring hospital while still alive.

Maxx sustained injuries as a result of the fire. Maxx had also been hurt as a result of inhaling smoke.

For treatment, he was taken to a neighboring animal clinic.

When Margo’s husband, a deputy with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, resigned from police employment, he adopted Maxx. “We are grateful to the neighbors who sprang into action, and we especially congratulate the firefighters who valiantly entered the blazing structure and risked their lives for the Feaser family,” Sheriff Don Eslinger said after the event.

Maxx was eventually able to return home after fully recovering from his injuries.

Maxx is still a hero and the ideal of a dedicated family pet, even in retirement.

To understand more about Maxx and his exploits, watch the video below.

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