Adopted Pit Bull Helps Save Young Boy After Finding Him Collapsed In Bathtub

Pit bulls are considered canine killers by some, and they should be banned. They are, nevertheless, prejudiced and misunderstood victims. These organisms aren’t necessarily hazardous in the first place. Due to a lack of instruction, abuse, and neglect, they become angry and aggressive. Ember is proof that when they are loved and cared for, they can be wonderful family dogs.

Ember, a female pit bull mix, was discovered abandoned on the street and saved by Cincinnati’s Adore-A-Bull Rescue. Because of her breed, no one wanted to adopt her. But, thanks to the Daniels family, she was given a second chance in life, and she quickly became a valued member of the family. All of the members, especially her human brother Tre Daniels, have forged a special kinship with the formerly homeless street canine.

The Daniels family was heartbroken when their pet Derby, a pit bull, died. They are now happier and adore Ember as a result of her. They had not anticipated, however, that their acquired dog would save their son’s life.

Ember saved Tre after he fainted after suffering a seizure over a year after she was adopted. Ember promptly notified everyone when she discovered the small kid unresponsive in the bathtub.

“We were asleep and she just plopped down next to the bed and she was doing this real low grumble,” Tre’s mother, Tracy, told Local 12. It wasn’t really a growl, just a strange grumble.”
Tracy got up to let Ember out since she felt she needed to go outside. Ember, on the other hand, instead of going outside, dashed inside the children’s bathroom.

Tracy followed her into the bathroom, where she discovered her son bathing.

She remarked, “I noticed Tre’s legs practically dangling over the side of the tub there.” “And when I peered into the tub, half of his body was out, half was in, and his head was fully extended back.”

Tre was transported to the hospital by EMS. Tre is already back at home, thanks to the fact that everything came back normal. His loyal pal has stayed by his side since he returned and sleeps at the foot of his bed every night to keep an eye on him! Tre’s life was clearly saved by his strong relationship with Ember.

In the video below, you can see Ember and Tre’s connection.

Don’t judge a dog solely on the basis of its breed. They can become our best friends no matter what breed they are. It’s fantastic to see how a stray dog can blossom into such a beautiful family member!

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