Wiggles the Senior Rescue Dog Finally Gets Adopted After 11 Years at Illinois Shelter

Wiggles the Senior Rescue Dog Finally Gets Adopted After 11 Years at Illinois Shelter

“I sobbed tears of joy,” Karla Crane, a 5As animal shelter employee, said of Wiggles’ adoption.

A dog who spent more than a decade in a Godfrey, Illinois, shelter has finally found her ultimate home.

Wiggles, who arrived at the 5As animal shelter at the age of three and spent the next 11 years there, has been adopted by a couple people from Lake St. Louis, Missouri, according to several publications.

Wiggles’ original owners, according to WZZM 13, took her to the shelter in May 2010 because they were concerned that they wouldn’t be able to care for the dog, who suffers from allergies.

In 2016, the 14-year-old canine acquired a cantaloupe-sized (but benign) tumor that a veterinarian refused to operate due to the pup’s age, making it even more difficult for the shelter to find Wiggles a home.

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A retired nurse named Karla Crane, one of the shelter’s longstanding kennel employees, told Riverbender.com that the pit-bull mix was recently adopted by a couple who “had pets who had given up the ghost with cancer and believed it had been time to adopt again.”

“They have a large fenced-in yard and live in a nice area. They arrived late on a Sunday afternoon. This appears to be ideal for Wiggles “she stated

Along with providing Wiggles a forever home, the “kind” couple “also contributed a $300 donation to the 5As,” according to Crane.

“I sobbed tears of joy at her adoption,” she said, adding that Wiggles’ new owners are having her tumor examined by a different veterinarian.

Crane said it was difficult to travel to figure without seeing Wiggles, but she’s thrilled the dog is “doing well” in her new permanent home.

“Wiggles is still trying to figure out what’s going on, but they’re fine with walking her around the neighborhood on a leash,” she told Riverbender.com. “They claim that when Wiggles walks with them, she doesn’t bark at other dogs.”

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