Homeless Dog Cried Like Human While Being Rescued, And Now She Gets Permanent Home

All stray animals are frail and defenseless. No one can understand the horrors they face on a daily basis when they are forced to fend for themselves in the open air. What these unfortunate creatures had to go through when they had a home with their masters in the past. And what has made them so afraid that they refuse to let anyone near them

A homeless German Shepherd had been living beneath a van for several days when she was discovered and contacted Hope For Paws for assistance. Without hesitation, the rescue crew arrived to save her.

The dog was so terrified that she ran behind the car to hide. Her coat was soiled and her eyes were sad. The rescuer offered her a cheeseburger, but it was not accepted by the dog. She was too terrified to speak, and she let out a sorrowful cry. It sounded like a human in agony and desperation crying. They tried to apprehend her, but it was difficult because she managed to flee.

They ultimately calmed her down and secured the dog, whom they named Rain. She sat motionless with a melancholy expression, without reacting to people’s touches. She eventually agreed to accompany them, and she appeared to be at ease at that point, as if she knew she was in good hands. A new and better life awaited her ahead.

Rain was thankfully adopted two weeks later. She changed her name to Sassy Pants Dunbar and no longer felt afraid. Her expression shifted from sadness to laughter, which was incredible. Whatever had occurred to her before had remained in the past. Sassy Pants Dunbar was such a lovely young lady who deserved nothing but the best. She had an older brother to play with, and a caring owner who would love and care for her forever

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