Family Brings Dog To Say Goodbye To Owner In A Coma, Dog’s reaction is too adorable

The majority of individuals say their goodbyes to their dogs when they cross the Rainbow Bridge. The scenario was flipped in this case.

Ryan went to work as usual one day, only to have a cerebral hemorrhage and end up in the hospital. He went into a coma, and brain scans revealed that the damage to his brain was too severe for him to recover.

Meanwhile, his beloved dog Mollie remained at home, expecting Ryan to return at any moment. Ryan’s family didn’t want Mollie to wonder why Ryan didn’t come home from work that day for the rest of her life.

Mollie’s family requested special clearance from the hospital so that she could say her goodbyes and understand why she would never see her father again.

The time she spends saying goodbye is precious.

Mollie is currently living with Ryan’s family and is as content as can be.

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