Baby Moose Trapped On Sharp Rocks Is Saved By Courageous Fisherman

This is the exact moment when a hapless moose became stranded on jagged rocks that were barely above the water.

According to legend, the mother moose was once with the calf but was able to leave the lake since she could swim.
It was unknown if the mother ran to safety or sought assistance.

Thankfully, other individuals who were passing by on a boat helped remove the trapped young moose out of the water.
The moose was lifted from the rocks, which were quite a distance from any land.

The moose seemed scared, especially since it appeared to be exhausted from stubbornly clinging to the rocks.

The two men set the young moose down when they reached the ground so it could return to its family.

Nonetheless, the baby moose was probably still scared and wanted to stay with the two men for a little while longer.

The baby moose attempted to enter the water again after one of the men set the moose down, presumably because he felt safer there with the males.

He was certain that the young moose would be reunited with its parents once it reached the shore.

This is the breathtaking footage of the interaction:

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