Old Dog Was Rescued After Living Nearly A Decade Under A Container

You can’t comprehend what it’s like to be alone without a house unless you’ve experienced it firsthand. You have no idea how dreadful that is, or how you can live like that for days, much alone years.

This story’s senior dog has a tragic past that will break your heart. She’d been living under a shipping container for 9 years, going through each day alone and deprived of everything. Her life began to turn the page after she was saved by Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization.

They recently received a plea for assistance from a woman who said she observed a dog in a junkyard while doing TNR work in the neighborhood. When the squad arrived, they discovered the dog under a container. She was a stray dog that had been on the streets for nine years. People told them that her owner had been deported and that the unfortunate puppy had been abandoned in these deplorable living conditions.

People in the neighborhood would occasionally try to help her by offering her food. But, of course, no one could deny that it wasn’t enough for her. In addition to living a lonely life, the unhappy dog was also in agony. She was struck by a truck and was not transported to the hospital for treatment. As a result, she will always be blind in her right eye.

The team spent some time giving her treats and finally, they earned her trust. They slowly took her from under the container, then named her Josephine. Pheenie was known as her nickname.

She looked unafraid of strangers, allowing them to pet her. It had been much too long since she had felt such love.

When the crew realized she was sick, they decided to take her to the vet for treatment. They gave her a bath (her first in years) and then conducted a health examination on her. She had a number of medical difficulties, according to the report, and required therapy. But she was safe now, and she had a warm place to rest.

Pheenie found her light after such a gloomy life. Hope For Paw’s L.A Animal Rescue pals offered her a new life filled with affection. Pheenie relished both the warmth of the sun and the crispness of the snow. She made several friends and went out to play with them frequently. It seemed as though she had a completely separate life. She had been re-loved, and she deserved it.

Five months after being rescued, Pheenie lied next to the fireplace, and breathed her last breath in peace.

The few last months that she had a loving home would be her best memories.

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