Dog Stray Constantly Attempts To Steal Unicorn

In North Carolina, a stray dog keeps attempting to take a unicorn. You might think that this is the best and cutest story you’ve read all week.

A labrador retriever mix named Sisu is about a year old. He had been running into issues as a stray. Every time he entered a Dollar General in North Carolina, he would head straight for the same item: a small unicorn in the toy section!

Animal control was contacted, and until they arrived, store staff had to shut the automatic doors.

Samantha Lane, a Duplin County Animal Services officer, not only captured Sisu when she arrived. But, she also bought the $10 plush unicorn.

According to Lane’s boss, behavior like this is usual for her. She reasoned that the unicorn might offer solace to the puppy until he found a home.

Employees at the shelter gave Sisu the name of the dragon from Raya and the Last Dragon by Disney.

The animal shelter revealed Sisu’s tale and his lengthy criminal history.

Fortunately, Sisu and his unicorn were adopted out quite quickly.

Along with a gift for Officer Lane, Dollar General showed their appreciation by giving food to Duplin County Animal Services. They also gave Sisu’s new family a few extra purple unicorns!

There isn’t much of an explanation for Sisu’s attraction to the unicorn. He always went straight for the same toy instead of looking for food. Several people think he might have had something similar at home in the past. Whatever the cause, Sisu seemed ecstatic about his new toy. And we are overjoyed to see that he has a forever home!

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