Gentle Stray Dog Who Was Overlooked For Years Finds A Happy Home For Her Final Months

Bianca, a street dog that lived on the streets of Greece for many years until she became limp due to an illness called Degenerative Myelopathy a few months ago. She was set to be rescued and rehomed in record time until SPAZ, a canine rescue organization, learned about her.

The Orphan Pet’s Valia Orfanidou writes:

“I’ve only known her for two weeks, but her rescue-rehoming story is the fastest and most incredible I’ve ever heard. Her limp began months ago as a result of degenerative myelopathy, and as the months passed, she became increasingly unable to stand on her feet and began dragging the back of her body.

For years, some of the folks who work nearby have been looking after her.
“She had a wooden board house, she was being fed (possibly overfed, which is one of the main difficulties when strays are cared for by a lot of people), and some people had paid for her x-rays and others for a new wheelchair. But the street was no longer a safe haven for Bianca.

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“It wasn’t that simple. A dog like her cannot survive at a shelter, a clinic, or anywhere else other than a home — and finding a home for a paraplegic, 7-year-old, 30-pound dog was no simple task. In reality, it appeared to be impossible, but Bianca was really fortunate.”

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In the video below, you can watch Bianca’s heartfelt story. It’s great to know that Bianca will spend the remaining months of her life as happy and healthy as possible!

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