Two Puppies Found Warmth And Comfort In The Friendship That Saved Their Lives

Jeremiah and Neal were strays when they arrived at the Texas high-kill shelter. They were separated at the airport, and they were all alone in the world.

Jeremiah, the small black dog, noticed his pen-mate was going to lay down and decided to join him. He flopped down on Neal’s side and nuzzled his face into the dog’s throat.

Jeremiah crawled over to Neal and buried himself under him.

They’d both been taken to a high-kill shelter in Texas by animal control, and based on how sick they were, their fate was almost certain: they’d be put down because the public shelter lacked the money to treat them. The shelter contacted Stacey Silverstein, the founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, after seeing the two puppies in such pain.

When she saw them, she couldn’t say “no”.

Stacey Silverstein, founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, said, “Jeremiah sought warmth, and Neal was supportive of it.” “They were well aware that they were in danger.”

If it hadn’t been for Silverstein’s intervention, the two puppies would almost certainly have died. Many dogs who are sick or wounded, pregnant or perfectly healthy will be euthanized in high-kill shelters, which is a tragic fact.

Another dog (Jagger) was also saved from the same pen by Silverstein. Jeremiah has an eye ulcer that may lead to blindness, and all three dogs had mange.

While there is still a long road ahead, particularly for little Jeremiah, having a friend by his side will provide the greatest comfort.
Silverstein described the dogs as “amazing little dogs.” “They’re really anxious and not feeling good right now, so they’re clearly weeks away from getting back on their feet. But they’re all dogs, and they’re all adorable. Hopefully, they can recover well so that they can be accepted into wonderful homes in New York.”

Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

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