Two Women Save Scared Homeless Bulldog And Give Him A New Life

Aside from the dogs who are well-loved and cared for, some canines are less fortunate. The movie below tells the story of Tarzan, a dog who was saved and whose narrative will break your heart.

Two women from the Los Angeles-based rescue organisation Hope for Paws took on the task of saving the life of a terrified, malnourished Pit Bull who couldn’t even walk to seek food. Rescuers need patience and a gentle touch when pets are found malnourished, homeless, and terrified.

Tarzan must have had some terrifying human interactions. He was so terrified that he hid in a thicket by a motorway in Los Angeles. People recognized him, but he just hid even more. He didn’t want to associate with anyone who could injure him further. Tarzan was obviously hungry and feeble, but even food couldn’t persuade him to come out.

Hope for Paws, a local rescue organization, was enlisted by one good samaritan. He summoned the group, and two of the women arrived on the spot to see if they could save Tarzan. The women sat calmly and quietly alongside Tarzan for hours, bringing him small bites of food. Pittie was so feeble that he couldn’t even reach the meal. They understood exactly what to do and instead moved the meal to him.

Over time, Tarzan was able to eat. Slowly but surely, the food helped him regain the strength he needed to come closer to safety.

The rescuers gently placed their hands on his shoulders and spoke sweetly to him, attempting to persuade him that they could be trusted. Tarzan crawled out of his hiding place after being convinced that his rescuers were come to save him.

Tarzan emerged from his hiding place and proceeded to a nearby pool of water, where he drank for a long time. He was almost certainly dehydrated, which contributed to his frailty. The rescuers were able to place a leash around his neck and lead him to their car, where he would be taken to the veterinarian. Tarzan, on the other hand, was unable to walk. The rescuers acted without hesitation. They took him in their arms and carried him the rest of the way to their car.

Tarzan was taken to a vet and given the attention he needed to get on the road to recovery. He was so relieved that he smiled in gratitude.

Tarzan will now be able to find a family that will love and protects him as he deserves. For more watch the video below

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