Puppy Wags Her Tail At Every Passerby Trying To Get Someone To Notice Her

Puppy Wags Her Tail At Every Passerby Trying To Get Someone To Notice Her

A tiny puppy was attempting to survive in a market in Sri Lanka’s coldest city, and whenever she observed people passing by, she sought to attract their attention by wagging his tail.

When Lek Chailert and a handful of his Elephant Nature Park colleagues spotted the dog’s charming motions, they decided to investigate further.

Elephants rescued from all over the world and brought out of dangerous conditions call the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand home. The group that observed the dog was in Sri Lanka to encourage another elephant to be saved.

They explained it as follows on YouTube:

‘’We observed a tiny puppy waving her tail at pedestrians in the market via fare, where thousands of people pass, urging people to take notice of her.”

Youtube screenshot Elephantnews

“One by one, strangers rushed in, completely oblivious to the pup’s misery. Our team took a few minutes to pat her, but we were in a hurry to get elsewhere. She started following us, and she followed us fairly far, till we took her up and returned her to the spot where we originally met her. She kept following us till she won our hearts with her tenacity.”

Even with being miles faraway from their home, Lek along side her friends decided to assist the puppy, but that comes bent be a touch difficult.

“We made the decision to urge passers-by to adopt her and take responsibility for her upkeep. They lost interest once they realized she was female.”

They were running out of choices when they eventually decided to beg someone to almost take the dog in.

“Finally, we requested Thushara, our driver, to look after her for us. He consented.”

‘’We bought a replacement blanket for her and bathed her, turning our luggage into her bed while she stayed with us within the hotel’’.

‘’I think that this was the primary night that she will sleep warm and peaceful.’’

This happened three years ago, the dog was named LEK LEK, and while he is now much healthier and grown up and lives a happy life in Thushara’s home, the puppy has never forgotten her rescuer Lek.

“We can always alter one life from our care,” the puppy rescuers said.

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