Officer’s Wife Adopts Her Husband’s K9 Partner

On patrol with his K9 companion, Blek, Lt. Eric Eslary of the Ligonier Township Police Department was struck head-on by a drunk motorist who had driven into the wrong lane. Eric and Blek were both taken to the hospital in critical condition. Eric, on the other hand, tragically died as a result of his injuries not long after.

The devoted K9 Blek clung to his partner’s dying body at the hospital bed for hours. The 6-year-old German Shepherd required medical help right away, but he wouldn’t leave his father alone. Blek finally moved away from his position when Eric’s wife, Mary Beth, arrived at the hospital.

Blek was subsequently saved by surgery and amazingly recovered from his injuries without becoming disabled. Mary Beth stepped up to adopt this obedient dog in remembrance of her late husband, who was about to retire. Blek’s presence has been a bittersweet therapeutic experience for the heartbroken widow and her six children thus far.

Blek has been feeling lonely and forlorn since Eric’s unexpected death, according to Mary Beth. He frequently goes to his father’s room in search of him, but he always returns to Mary Beth with a look of despair on his face. This is really a horrible situation. We wish Eric’s heartbroken family and Blek support throughout this difficult time as they cope with their tragic loss.

Watch the video below:

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