Woman finds entire dog family thrown away in trash and helps give them a new life

While returning from work, a woman in Houston, Texas, recently came across something horrible. Two stray canines appeared to be settling in between trash cans and old mattresses.

The Good Samaritan called a nearby rescue group right away for help, but when they arrived, they found more dogs than they had anticipated.

Houston Dog Outreach Guardians’ Sylvia Lopez stated, “We went the next day to inspect and set traps as they did not trust us. We successfully caught the mother dog in a snap, and we also caught a young female dog who we think was her offspring from her previous litter.

But Lopez soon realized that, upon closer inspection, Mom and Baby were not the only puppies in need. The mother, father, three daughters, and grandma were all waiting for help.

Grandma eventually stopped running and gave up while we were chasing after her, Lopez added. She wasn’t fighting because she was worn out.

Before setting traps for the night, the rescue crew spent the entire day attempting to capture half of the dog family. By the morning of Monday, everything was going smoothly.

“I went to check the traps at 5 a.m. and, thankfully, Daddy and puppy were trapped safely,” Lopez continued.
When retrieving the rest of the family, Lopez left one trap unattended because the youngest daughter’s dog still needed to be recovered.

Watch the rescue operation here:

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Lopez said, “I left the area to reunite the puppy with her mother and father and the rest of the family. Later that day, when we returned to check the trap, we succeeded in capturing the remaining dog—the little daughter. At our detention center, we managed to reconnect the entire family.

Once everyone had a warm bed to sleep in and a satisfying meal to eat, their true personalities began to shine through.
According to Lopez, “Momma, now known as Naomi, was 2 years old and very kind. The 8-month-old puppy daughters were fearful and cautious at first, but they are now approving of us. They appear to be lovely girls. Abigail, a 2-month-old puppy, was first fearful and cautious but has since warmed up to us and is now very lively.

Daddy dog, now known as Thomas, still acts more bravely and bravely when his dog family is around. He is also 2 years old, whereas Grandma, who is 10, adores everyone and enjoys taking long walks.



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With the exception of the two youngest kids, Shannon and Christel, who will temporarily reside at a rescue with Grandma, the rest of the family has moved into foster homes while they search for their future homes.

Despite everything they had to go through, this loving family managed to survive. Now, that’s love.





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