Husky Spooked By Fireworks Cries Real Tears When Reunites With His Mama

When he sees his mother after being freed, he sobs like a baby.

Hope For Paws saved a scared Husky from the LA River. The narrative begins when Eldad Hagar receives a call from a few Husky in distress.

The dog’s paw was seriously injured while hopping through the dense undergrowth. Eldad was assisted by two volunteers in keeping the dog on the verge of attacking him. While rescuing the Husky, Eldad was aware that the dog’s owner, Khrystal, was searching the area for him.

Thankfully, Eldad was on there to save Sawyer, the Husky, who was initially bewildered and dehydrated, but tears up when he saw his mother.

To see the heartwarming reunion, watch the video below.

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