Dolphins Help Rescue Dog From Drowning

11-year-old Doberman Pinscher named Turbo fled his yard and disappeared for 15 hours, perhaps most of the time he spent trying not to drown in a canal near his home in Marco Island, Florida. While he was away, his family looked for a way near their house but never thought of looking into the water.

Dog owes his life to two dolphins who helped him and stayed with him in the canal until a neighbor on his boat was warned by dolphin splashes and saw the dog, which clearly struggled.

The man firefighters and his significant other hopped in to the channel to help the dog. At the point when firemen showed up, they pulled the dog to wellbeing.

Turbo was fine, even though he was exhausted because of his trials. When Turbo was securely out of the water, dolphins swim away. Dolphins are famous for their habit of being a maid at sea. Many people have been kept from suffocating by dolphins, and now Turbo has joined that club, as well.

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