Street Dog Saves Woman From Being Robbed

Street Dog Saves Woman From Being Robbed

According to local television station RTCG, a brave stray dog aided a woman who was being robbed by an unknown man at the Old Aerodrome in Podgorica, Montenegro.

In this incredible video, a nasty mugger drags a woman to the ground. In an attempt to mug her, the mugger slowly approaches her until he grabs her from behind and wrestles her to the ground.

The dog chases after the mugger, leaping at his heels as the thief flees in terror. The canine companion pursues the thug, who flees in apparent fright while the dog barks viciously at him. Surprisingly, the dog’s good deeds don’t end there. He even goes back to check on the woman he saved. Others were astounded by the dog’s fast response.

There’s no need for further confirmation that dogs are incredible, but here’s a video of a heroic dog demonstrating how courageous they can be. People praised the dog, including one man who captioned a photo of a dog with the phrase “hero of the day.”

A man in a yellow hoodie walks alongside a woman carrying food bags. Her purse is thrown over her left arm as she walks casually.

Image credits: Podgoricki vremeplov

She has no idea she is being followed, but a dog resting on the sidewalk notices the couple walking past.

Image credits: Podgoricki vremeplov

The guy suddenly approaches the woman and takes her handbag, dragging her to the ground. But he didn’t expect the dog to save her!

Image credits: Podgoricki vremeplov

The dog, who had been sitting patiently moments before, leaps into action and lunges at the man’s rear end and heels.

The thief, realizing he’s in over his head, flees, being pursued by the dog, who continues to bite at his legs.

Watch video here!

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