After realizing that rescuers are there to help, the stray German shepherd calls her pal over.

“She made it clear: If you take me, you take my friend, too!”

The idea that someone would abandon even one dog on the streets, much less two, is devastating.

So, when the news surfaced that a German Shepherd, once believed to be living alone, was actually living in the woods with another dog, we felt terrible for the two puppies.

The fact that one wouldn’t leave without the other was also rather obvious, regardless of whether the companions had been abandoned by the same individual or not.

Thankfully, there is a happy ending to this tale because both canines were saved together and do not desire foster care. Of course, they would only enter a home that welcomed them both, jointly.

When Judy Obregon, the organization’s founder, traveled to Echo Lake Park in Fort Worth, Texas, after hearing that a homeless German Shepherd was hiding out amid the trees, she quickly recognized that she would be difficult to capture.

The dog was really frightened and would flee if anyone approached her, but Judy wasn’t about to give up because she knew that time was of the essence.

Judy wrote, “I realized it was vital to get her.” Gaining her trust required watching every move she made in the beginning.

Every day, Judy patiently went back to see the dog in the hope that she would become used to seeing her.

She always brought food and water with her in the hopes that the fearful puppy would gain her trust while also supplying her with vital nutrition.

Eventually, Judy’s efforts began to pay off.

“At first, she’d flee as soon as she noticed my truck.” Judy reflected. I would go to feed her every morning before it got light; when she started to wait, I knew we were getting close.


Finally, Judy was able to get ready to transport the dog to her rescue facility, where it would be safe, but just as she was about to complete the rescue, the German Shepherd had a surprise in store for her.

The dog felt it was okay to meet Judy’s best friend, a scared pit bull with scars covering his face, now that Judy had earned her trust.

These two were obviously irreplaceable, and the courageous German Shepherd had held off on bringing her friend out until Judy had shown that she wasn’t going to hurt them. In her car, Judy now needed to make room for yet another puppy.

“She made it clear: If you take me, you take my friend, too!” Judy said.

Given that the area was well-known for being a dog dumping place, it was unclear whether the two canines had been dumped together.

But one thing was for sure – these two were now the best of buddies.

The German Shepherd was given the name Iris, and the Pit Bull was given the name Clover. Judy was able to save both dogs on the same day.

Together, of course, they are waiting to be fostered after making fast recoveries under her care. They’ll receive another chance at life because of Judy.

In order for her to recognize my voice and have faith that one day things would change for the better, Judy continued, “I repeated the same thing to her every day.” When we are able to turn their dread into a smile, it is all very fulfilling.

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