Shelter Dog Who Refused To Look At Anyone Makes The Most Amazing Transformation

Shelter Dog Who Refused To Look At Anyone Makes The Most Amazing Transformation

Chelsea Elizabeth Cossairt saw Clementine’s portrait on the Internet two days before she fell asleep. A few weeks ago, the Animal Control Center found this scrawny puppy wandering the streets of Southern California. Due to serious health problems, she was kept in the “death row” of the asylum, but something in the snapshot aroused Cossairt’s heart. So you quickly requested and received a response. Cossairt told The Dodo: “Ginger’s pet rescuer was shocked and crying because we were very curious about her.” “He said that none of the many dog ​​adoption requests they received in the past two weeks were directed at Clementine.”

In her current state, Clementine had a long and unpredictable route ahead of her, which was consistent with the rescue worker. Cossairt, on the other hand, was aware of her presence. “She had sad, vacant eyes,” she continued. “Whenever we came to see her or were close to her, she never looked us in the eyes and bowed her head.”

On the other hand, Clementine trusted other dogs and gravitated toward her new furry siblings, Moose and Maple, right away. Cossairt saw a glint of the happy dog Clementine might turn into at that moment.

“She sought solace in being near them and moving with them as a pack about the home or yard,” Cossairt added.

After multiple medical appointments and months of treatment for illnesses and allergies, Clementine began to feel better and stopped trembling. She mustered up the courage to approach her human parents.

Seven months later, Clementine’s new favorite thing is looking lovingly at her mommy.

“She likes to look us in the eyes while we pet her, and she’s quite attentive when we ask her,” Cossairt explained. “She’s still wary of new people, and she’s worried that if we move too quickly or approach her from behind, we’ll scare her, but she’s come a long way.”

Clementine is sort of a different dog now, filled with curiosity and fun, as if she’s reliving puppyhood for the primary time. most importantly , she now feels secure.

Cossairt said: “When we were working at home, he finally showed us his belly last month for us to touch, and he lay on our feet enjoying an abdominal massage.” “We think it’s her investigating and understanding things. The shape, when she has everything. She looks so much like a puppy that sometimes we wonder if she was ever a dog. If you don’t pet her or stop petting her, she will push your hands.

Clementine has come a long way since her adoption, and she is no longer the fearful dog that stood against the fence. She is now willing to go to any length for her family, and they cannot picture life without her.
“She’s such a sweet and sensitive girl,” remarked Cossairt.
“We could sense right away that she just wants to be liked and loved.
She or he is always protective of us and follows us around everywhere.”

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