Missing Dog Smiles For The Very First Time When Reuniting With His Dad After 3 Years

Each reunion is priceless. There is nothing better than to see our loved one again, especially when we think that we have lost him forever. The dog in this story is lucky.

Three years after leaving home, he finally reunited with his father. He showed his first smile and was both sad and happy when he saw his father with his own eyes.

Rothko is the name of the missing dog. Three years ago, he ran away from home and lived on the street, relying on the kindness of neighbors to support him. This poor dog was taken to the Johnson City Animal Shelter in Washington County. But Rothko continued to live in his shell. No matter how much hospitality the shelter staff and volunteers give him, he never smiles, never wags his tail.

Nothing could make Roscoe smile. He didn’t want to interact with anyone at the shelter, making them try in vain. He missed his home so bad, missing an important part in his life.

He’s been very shy and reserved all the time here … like he has no personality,” Tammy Davis, shelter director, told Dodo.

But the shelter staff did not give up. To help the reserved dog, they decided to share their story and photos on their Facebook page. They hope this will help you find your family. And this little move changed Rothko’s life forever. They soon got a message from a man on Facebook: “I think he’s my dog. He’s been missing for three years.”

At the beginning, David was skeptical. But after the man immediately sent her a picture of Roscoe and his distinctive markings, she let him come to visit Roscoe. He was curious about whether the dog could recognize the man or not.

The rest of us stepped back and it was great to let this gentleman in with Rothko,” Davis said. “It’s like clicking something, he says, ‘this is my person, my dad.’

And the dog finally found his dad. He was shocked for a few seconds then he kept wagging his tail, jumping up, and going around his dad. You can watch the touching reunion here.

So it was obvious that this was his owner, it just took him a few minutes to realize who it was, and then he knew instantly.” David continued.

The shy and reserved missing dog smiled for the first time after parting with his father. A muchneeded smile ended his dreary and dull days when he was lost. Roscoe is finally able to return home and be reunited with his father.

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