Three years ago, a dog adopted an orphaned opossum and still carries him on her back

Opossums are odd tiny marsupials who hunt for bugs, mice, and snakes at night. Even though most people don’t get to see them very often, the little critters are beneficial to have around.

Because they are most active at night, they are at a higher risk of being hit by cars, as this sad little opossum found out.

The opossum passed away, but she wasn’t alone; her baby clung to her back.

When rescuers came to aid, they noticed the joey and took it to the vet. The joey had been unhurt and was in good health, but it was now an orphan. The little newborn, whose the rescuers named Poncho, was introduced to Hantu, a white German shepherd who didn’t have any puppies of her own.

To the delight of everyone who saw them together, Hantu and Ponchu immediately teamed up and became the cutest couple. Hantu is very happy to be a surrogate mother in a cute poncho, who now hugs her back as if she was his birth mother.

Three years later, Poncho got bigger, but he was still hitchhiking with Hantu. Hantu was walking, poncho winced, they were still inseparable. They enjoy life together at the Rare Species Foundation in South Carolina, where they educate people about biodiversity and conservation plans. Once a young opossum is vulnerable and left alone, it will definitely find its best friend in a lonely German Shepherd, and that German Shepherd will be adopted as his own. Two people are walking in the forest together and inspire people to appreciate more wild animals, it is so cute.

These two precious creatures can teach us a lot about love and friendship and we hope they enjoy many more years together.  Please share this unusual friendship with all your friends.

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