Shelter Puppy Gets Attention By Smiling At Everyone Who Passes By Her Kennel

It’s always exciting to visit a shelter to adopt a new pet. Which puppy are you going to pick? What’s more, which dog will pick you? However, as wonderful as it is to rescue a new puppy, it is also a little disappointing that you can’t take them all home.

For the dogs, living in the shelter is also a challenge. Confusion, anxiety, and loneliness abound, and most dogs aren’t at their best when they’re isolated from the outside world and everything they’ve ever known. They sit there, hoping that someone will adore them before they lose their chance forever.

Puppies receive more attention than older dogs, but even so, competition for attention can be fierce. A puppy at the Humane Society of North West Louisiana has discovered how to attract additional attention by charming everyone who passed by his kennel.
Burreaux, an 8-week-old puppy, was saved together with two of his littermates by Sarah Wolton, a volunteer at the shelter. The puppies were taken in by animal control and were set to be euthanized the next day.

Wolton went to the animal shelter to rescue the cute puppies after learning of their situation from a friend who is the director. All three puppies were healthy and free of parvovirus. Burreaux, however, became ill with the virus shortly after arriving at the shelter, but recovered completely with prompt veterinarian care.

His personality began to shine once he returned to the shelter, even though he was confined to his kennel. Everyone who passed by was greeted with a smile from the adorable pooch! Wolton stated he’d flash his wide toothy grin whenever someone tried to sweet talk him.

“And we were thinking, ‘Burreaux is so desperate for a home that he’s always smiling, trying to make it cute.’ So we took that video and it’s now gone viral,” Walton explained.

The shelter decided to film a video of the adorable puppy, and he was adopted by his new mom and dad within two weeks. His littermates were also adopted, resulting in a very happy conclusion for all of the puppies.

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