Family’s Taking A Walk When A Feral Kitten Decides To Follow The Dog Home

Family’s Taking A Walk When A Feral Kitten Decides To Follow The Dog Home

Will you adopt a small kitten who appears on the pavement and follows you home? Yes, of course! – I’m sure you’d say that. And there concludes today’s nice tale.

Jon Nienaber shares his home with his wife, three cats, and a dog in Cleveland. Mr. Nienaber was walking his dog in their neighborhood one summer day two years ago when a little kitten ran up to them and decided to join them.

When Jon realized the kitten was following him, he summoned his wife to come meet the cat. “He stuck his head through a small chain link fence, and he began following Jon and me as we walked away!” she remembered. He looked adamant about staying with us.”

Leslie told her husband that they had to take the cat home when he followed them to the end of the street.

The brave young ginger child tried to play with his canine companion and would approach strangers for affection. “When I got him home, he was filthy, so I did the best I could to clean him up. Leslie told the reporter that he appeared famished.

Leslie considered her sister, Sarah, who is also a cat lover, but the couple already had a full house with pets. The next day, Sarah arrived and welcomed the kitten with open arms. Sarah gave the kitten the name “Pinot” right away.

“I’ll admit, it was quite difficult to relinquish Pinot — he was such a brave, tough little soul that only wanted to survive, and he was the loveliest kitten we had ever seen. My sister taking him in made me really pleased because I knew I’d get to see him grow up and I’d be able to visit him whenever I wanted,” Leslie said.

Sarah was smitten with Pinot from the moment she saw him. After a few trips to the vet, the little kitten was back on his paws, stronger than ever.

First trip to the vet

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