When a large fire broke out at the homeless camp where Smokey was residing, he was found chained. People dashing all over the place and leaving him behind terrified the poor pooch. He was completely unaware of what was about to happen to him.
Smokey, as he was afterwards dubbed, was chained to a tree as everyone else ran away and forgot about the defenseless dog.

Smokey was promptly located by rescuers. They broke the chain around his neck and took him to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue, where he was cared for.

It was apparent after the vet inspected the young puppy that he would require substantial medical treatment and rehabilitation. Smokey was subsequently sent to Jupiter Pet Emergency & Specialty Center (JPESC) for treatment. Multiple blood transfusions, daily medicated baths, bandage changes, and sessions in a hyperbaric chamber to minimize swelling and agony would all be required.

Dr. Latimer and the JPESC medical team had done a fantastic job with Smokey. They took care of his suffering and provided a loving atmosphere for him to start coming out of his shell and regaining trust in humans. Smokey healed quickly after all of those treatments and attention.

Smokey would have been put down by many veterinarians. Dr. Latimer refused to turn the dog away despite his poor health, lack of a home, and dislike of humans. Smokey, he and his team believed, deserved a fighting chance. This remarkable canine managed to find his way into Dr. Latimer’s heart.

Look at how happy Smokey and Dr. Latimer are! Isn’t it lovely? It’s as though they’ve reached an agreement. “You fight hard, boy,” the doctor says, “and I’ll do my bit to fix you.” “All right!” says Smokey.

Smokey was ready for his forever home, but he couldn’t forget about his favorite veterinarian and the JPESC family. When the sweet puppy was brought back to the clinic, he couldn’t stop wagging his tail when he saw Dr.Latiment. His joy was visible in his expression! After all, he was the hero who had saved him from all of his suffering!

For more information, see the video below!

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