Stray Dog Falls Asleep In The Car The Second He’s Rescued

Jayme Harley was awakened by the sound of text notifications on her phone two weeks ago. When she opened the messages, she found that her boyfriend had sent a photo of a sad-looking puppy at a petrol station with the words “Go get him!” scribbled on it.

Even though Harley was still sleepy, he realized this was an important moment. Her boyfriend had been adamant about getting a second dog, but she had been pushing for it. This was huge news if he wanted her to save one.

“I knew it wasn’t a dream when it dawned on me that it wasn’t a dream,” Harley told The Dodo, “that he truly wanted me to go get him.”

Aaron Peters, her boyfriend, saw the pit bull while on his early morning FedEx delivery route. He pulled over to the petrol station and was drawn in by the dog’s warm, blue eyes.

Peters told The Dodo, “He seemed like he needed a family.” “I figured we could get him a nice place to live.”

Harley jumped in her car and sped over to the Kinta, Oklahoma, petrol station.

When she arrived, she gave the dog some water and learned that he had been abandoned.

“A female came up to me and said she’d witnessed him leap out of a car,” Harley explained. “And because he was a pit bull, no one would take him in.” That hurt my heart since it shouldn’t make a difference what breed he is. He only wanted someone to adore him.”

Harley had made up her mind that she was taking this puppy with her. He was sleeping and snoring before she had even pulled out of the parking lot, so she put him in the car.

Harley stated, “It made me feel like that was the perfect moment.” “I got the impression he knew he’d have a place to sleep that night. He was going to eat something. And he finally received the assistance he required.”

Harley took him to her veterinarian’s office right away. The dog lacked a microchip, but he was otherwise healthy, save from some mange.

She gave him the name Rufus and returned home. She was a little worried about how he’d fit in, but he and her dog hit it off right away.

“They just started adoring each other and have been close friends ever since.” They both sleep in the same bed. “They work together on everything,” Harley explained.

It took Rufus no time to also bond with Harley’s cat, kids and boyfriend. The dog made himself right at home.

The instant Peters saw the dog, he knew he’d fit right in. Peters stated, “He’s a good dog.”
Peters and Harley now believe it was all predestined.

“Welcoming him in has given our home a sense of coziness. “He’s brought in a lot more laughing,” Harley said. “He was the missing piece in our family’s puzzle.” He was the icing on the cake that we didn’t even realize we needed.”

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