Meet Picasso. He is quite possibly the most famous Wild Mustang in the US.

A herd of wild horses that roam together across the Sand Wash Basin, which spans Northwest Colorado, has grown in popularity. Picasso, a magnificent pinto stallion, has eclipsed the notoriety of even his fellow herd members to become one of the most recognizable wild horses in America.

r/wildhorses - Meet Picasso. He is quite possibly the most famous Wild Mustang in the US. Sought out by photographs and mustang enthusiast alike, he and his heard can be found roaming the Colorado's Sand Wash Basin.

Picasso, the oldest mustang in the herd, is said to be around 30 years old. His fellow horses appear to regard him greatly despite his advanced age. Picasso is revered even by the other mustangs, according to Patti Mosbey, a visitor to the basin.

Denver7 News claims that while Mosbey was in the basin in the summer of 2014, she saw the renowned stallion leading two bands of horses. Mosbey paid close attention as Picasso passed by them and saw that the rest of the herd split in two to make place for the legend, “as if to pay respect to the King,” she said.

She continued, referring to the unique event, “You almost thought they were bowing to him.” Nobody wanted to take him on.

Picasso, who has a dusty white-and-black mane, was the most well-known equine in the herd, however, long before he attained his current estimated age, which is thought to be unusual for a mustang living in the harsh conditions of the basin, where the summers are scorching and the temperatures in the winter dip below subzero.


More than ten years ago, a Humane Society employee who was studying the wild horse herd saw his distinctive coat and remarked that he was “like a Picasso.”

Following the incident, photographer Nancy Roberts spotted the now-famous mustang in 2010 and shared the photos she took of him online. Soon after, Picasso’s renown started to quickly spread and blossom into the legend that he is today.

In an interview with the Denver7 News, Roberts claimed, “Every time I shared a photo of him, people would just go crazy. “I have no idea what transpired. He recently succeeded as the Basin’s King of the Sand Wash.

The 157,000 acres of federal land in the basin are home to around 700 horses, but Picasso has managed to stand out and develop a legendary reputation.
It is also well known that many tourists travel great distances in order to see the fabled mustang. They have been known to create poems, paintings, and family tree diagrams that connect the many pieces of information about him.

One of them is Sandy Sharkey, a retired radio host from Ottawa, Canada, who captured images of the American wild horses in May 2018. Picasso would have been like seeing Brad Pitt in the desert, according to Sharkey, who spoke to Denver7 News.

On her website, Sharkey claims to have driven 22,500 kilometers (14,000 miles) to photograph North American wild horses. The passionate photographer hopes to portray the “unbridled freedom of the wild horse” and inspire people to go in search of their own “wild horse experience.”

How resilient horses are in the wild is demonstrated by Picasso. He has managed to survive despite a highway passing through the basin, harsh weather that can produce lightning storms, and battles with other mustangs in the herd, and his fame has grown as he has roamed the open basin for a longer period of time.

Picasso “is the embodiment of strength,” according to Cindy Wright, co-founder of Wild Horse Warriors for Sand Wash Basin, who spoke to Denver’s 5280 city magazine.

People enter the basin to find healing when they are at a low point, she continued. He represents the capacity to keep pushing forward.

There have been requests for Picasso to be adopted over the past few years, but many of his admirers are adamant that he belongs in the wild.

She went on to say that when people are in a bad place, they come to the basin to find healing. He stands for the ability to continue moving forward.

Over the past few years, there have been calls for Picasso to be adopted, but many of his fans are certain that he belongs in the wild.



























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