Stolen Two Years Ago, Dog Makes The 2,000 Mile Trip Home

Stolen Two Years Ago, Dog Makes The 2,000 Mile Trip Home

Cedar, the family pet of a Florida family, went stolen two years ago.

It was terrible, and it didn’t appear that their hopes and prayers were being answered as the days stretched into weeks, then months, and finally years.

But then, when they least expected it, a miracle occurred.

The dog was discovered halfway across the United States.

The Peterson family would be regaining possession of their German shepherd.

In 2017, the family discovered that the youngest of their dogs had vanished from their property in Southwest Ranches, a Miami suburb. She appeared to have been stolen.

Tamara Peterson feared that someone had climbed the fence to abduct Cedar, who was only four months old at the time. It was improbable that the tiny puppy could have escaped the fence and vanished on her own.

The family put up notices in as many places as they could think of, but no one had seen the tiny German shepherd puppy.

Things continued to travel in this manner for another two years. Then, out of nowhere, they got a call from Colorado.

Two thousand miles away, the German shepherd had been found.

Deputy Marshal Steve Ryan had abandoned her in a snow-covered ditch near Hugo, Colorado. Cedar had a wounded leg and was emaciated when the cops discovered her in a rural area of the state, but she was still alive and had grown into a full-fledged dog.
The cops transported her to a local veterinarian to check on her injuries and condition. They tested her for a microchip while she was there, and they immediately learned her name and that she belonged to the Petersons.
For lost pets, microchips can make all the difference!
The Petersons had maintained their contact information up to date with the microchip business, so getting in touch with them was simple.

Cedar would be reunited with her family, who had given up hope that she would ever return.
The German shepherd had been missing for almost two years at this point.
Wings of Rescue would then be called in to aid with the animal’s homecoming as she had been located so far away from home.

Cedar, on the other hand, would first like to heal sufficiently to be able to travel. Three more weeks of waiting had passed before the German shepherd was eventually returned to the family that adored and missed her.

Wings of Rescue scheduled her travel back home when she was ready. She’d be departing from Colorado soon and landing in her home state of Florida’s Fort Lauderdale airport.

The entire family was overjoyed to see their long-lost dog again. On the airport tarmac, the kids met her and petted the dog they believed they’d lost forever.

She is presently in the final stages of her recuperation. Cedar has gone through a lot, but the family hopes to include her in all of their favorite activities, including swimming, once she is ready.

Miracles can happen when you least expect them.

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