After undergoing tumor removal treatment, a Labrador can’t stop hugging his owner

It’s tough to put into words how important pets are in our lives. Especially in the case of dogs. With their presence, wit, and unfailing optimism, they bring us delight. On numerous occasions, they have saved people’s lives!

For example, during a fire, this Great Pyrenees, Odin, will not leave the property until all of his goats “in the ward” are safe!

And this lovely lady, Keola, was smitten with her owner’s expectant belly. He tried to alert the owner of the risk, it turned out! The woman was only an inch from her waist and had severe renal nephritis.

Dogs aren’t our only companions. They’re like our guardian angels, who are always there for us, even when we’re in the darkest of circumstances. They do, however, require love and attention!

Today, our hero underwent surgery to remove a tumor from his neck. Then he couldn’t help but hug his owner when he spotted him!

Even the coldest heart will be warmed by this video… What a sad little puppy! We wish him the best of luck in his recovery!

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