The Kennels Emptied As They All Got Adopted Except For A Sad Lonely Pit Bull

The Kennels Emptied As They All Got Adopted Except For A Sad Lonely Pit Bull

Capone, a beautiful senior Pit Bull, watched as everyone around him found their ultimate home, arites ilovemydogsomuch.

He was either ignored or returned to his kennel after a brief meeting, rather than being taken out of his kennel and escorted to a place where he might feel safe and loved.

Each shelter mate got adopted and left, one by one. Until Capone was the only one left.

It crushed the hearts of the workers.

Carly Quinn, the director of the Ionia County Animal Shelter, told The Dodo, “For quite some time Capone was the only dog we had in the shelter.” “With the exception of gentle, quiet, kind Capone, all the kennels were empty.”

Capone was adopted not long after he arrived at the shelter, but he was returned because he didn’t get along with another dog in the family. Capone’s mood deteriorated. He stopped eating because he was so depressed.

“He lost a lot of weight since he didn’t have the appetite he had at home,” Quinn explained. “It was quite difficult to get him to eat. We had to entice him with treats and a variety of wet foods on a daily basis.”
Capone didn’t simply lose his appetite… he lost a piece of himself, as everyone could see.

Quinn explained, “He was distraught, and anyone who has experienced profound loss understands how good diet takes a second seat.”
Capone’s life changed after he was adopted and then returned to the shelter. Quinn explained, “The Capone we met in 2017 and the Capone we met in 2018 were two different dogs.” “After he was surrendered for the second time, he seemed to pick and choose his pals, as if he was truly betrayed.” We, the shelter workers, became quite devoted to him.”

Quinn added, “He’s a velcro dog.” “A dog who is continually touching you and loves to be right next to you.”

Because Capone had issues with the other dog in what was supposed to be his forever home, shelter personnel only wanted to adopt him to a household where he would be the only dog. This proved to be more difficult than they anticipated.

Capone’s photo was constantly published on the staff’s Facebook page in the hopes that the appropriate person would notice him and give him the life he deserved. They were even more determined to relocate him once the shelter was cleared out and he stayed. Capone deserved better than to be abandoned.

Finally, his decision to post his picture on social media paid off!

Quinn visited their Facebook page and noticed a post from a couple who were curious about Capone. Quinn explained, “They had fallen in love with his images and his tale.” “They had already gone to the pet store and made him a bespoke name tag with his name and their information when they arrived into our shelter later that day.”

However, everyone felt jittery! Capone had grown pretty choosy about who he liked and who he wished to avoid since his second surrender. What if he didn’t get along with his new parents?

Quinn was virtually gasping for air. She crossed her fingers as she went Capone over to meet the couple. “As I stepped into the foyer with Capone, he stopped and stared at Jon and Ashlee for a while,” Quinn explained. Capone went directly into their arms as they both knelt.”

Quinn noted, “It was absolutely a tearjerker.”

Even when Capone left, the staff was a mess. They were so nervous he would come back. But as time went on, and the staff checked in on Capone, they realized he DID get his happily ever after. Just look at him in his new home with that peaceful sleepy smile


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