Couple adopt 17-year-old dog from shelter, he stays alive long enough to meet human sister

Couple adopt 17-year-old dog from shelter, he stays alive long enough to meet human sister

Beth and Michael Clark are the type of animal heroes who donate blankets to shelters in the winter to help bring some comfort and warmth to dogs who do not have a family.

They came home with something extra following a trip to Anne Arundel County Animal Control in December 2015 to donate blankets and supplies.

Rocky, a sad-looking 17-year-old dog, caught the couple’s attention and they couldn’t let him go.

“I saw this gray-faced, skinny dog and I said to my husband, ‘We’re getting him,’” Beth told Today. “I was not about to leave that old man to die in a cage.”

“Rocky brought a lot of meaning to our lives,” Beth told TODAY.

“He enjoyed dancing with us and being in close proximity to us… As the year progressed, it became more difficult for him to climb the stairs and go for walks, so my husband began carrying him up the stairs every night just so he could sleep next to us, and instead of going for walks, we simply sat outdoors in the sun together.”

Senior dogs have a special place in the hearts of some special households.
More families are considering adopting a senior dog, according to Robin Catlett, an administrator with Anne Arundel County Animal Control.

“It takes an unique family to give their hearts and homes to an animal who may only be in their lives for a short time,” Robin explained. “We do our best to make the animals in our care as comfortable as possible, but we recognize that nothing can substitute a forever home.”

When Beth found out she was expecting, she was ecstatic, and she told Today that as she grew bigger, Rocky became more patient with her. He was a big source of support for the soon-to-be Maryland mother.

Rocky’s health began to deteriorate.
“Mom and Dad are getting me a human!” read a placard above an image of a Rocky, which the couple used to announce their pregnancy.

But when Beth was 7 months pregnant Rocky’s health started to fail and they were told their sweet senior dog may have a tumor.

Rocky sniffed Beth and Michael’s new baby girl and laid his head near hers the day they brought her home, but his health was worsening, and the pair decided it was time to let their beloved hound go.

“I phoned a vet, and he passed away quietly that night with his family by his side,” Beth told Today. “We loved him more than words can express, and it’s still difficult for us to adjust to his absence.”

The Clarks believe that Rocky held on to meet his new human sister.

You are truly amazing animal heroes, Beth and Michael! Thank you for deciding to adopt Rocky and make his final years happy and loved ones.

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