Shelter Dog Who Refused To Look At Anyone Makes The Most Amazing Transformation

Shelter Dog Who Refused To Look At Anyone Makes The Most Amazing Transformation – News

Chelsea Clementine’s photo was viewed online by Elizabeth Cossairt just two days before she was put to sleep. The emaciated puppy had been seen roaming the streets of Southern California for weeks. Because of her significant health difficulties, she was placed on “death row” at the shelter, but something in the small photograph spoke to Cossairt’s heart.
As a result, she applied and got a response nearly immediately.
“The woman at Ginger’s Pet Rescue was astonished and in tears that we were interested in her,” Cossairt told The Dodo. “She added that no one had applied for Clementine out of the hundreds of dog adoption applications they’d received in the previous two weeks.”

According to the rescue worker, Clementine had a long and unpredictable road ahead of her in her current health. On the other hand, Cossairt was well aware of her. “She had sad, vacant eyes,” she continued. “Whenever we approached her or got close to her, she never looked us in the eyes and bowed her head.”

Clementine, on the other hand, had faith in other dogs and was immediately drawn to her new furry siblings, Moose and Maple. Cossairt saw a glint of the happy dog Clementine might turn into at that moment.

“She sought solace in being near them and moving with them as a pack about the home or yard,” Cossairt added.

After multiple medical appointments and months of treatment for illnesses and allergies, Clementine began to feel better and stopped trembling. She mustered up the courage to approach her human parents.

Seven months later, Clementine’s new favorite thing is looking lovingly at her mommy.

“When we pet her, she likes to look us in the eyes, and she’s quite attentive when we talk to her,” Cossairt added. “She’s still wary of strangers, and if we move too quickly or approach her from behind, we might scare her, but she’s come a long way.”

Clementine has taken on a new personality, full of curiosity and playfulness, as if she’s rediscovering puppyhood for the first time. Most importantly, she now has a sense of security.
“She lies at our feet and enjoys belly massages when we work from home,” Cossairt added, “after finally disclosing her abdomen to us for petting last month.” “When she ‘boops’ everything in sight, we suppose it’s her way of researching and figuring out what things are. We often wonder if she was ever a puppy because she looks so much like one. She’ll nudge your hand if you don’t pat her or quit touching her.

Since her adoption, Clementine has come a long way, and she’s no longer the fearful dog that hid behind the walls. She is now willing to go to any length for her family, and they can’t picture life without her.

“She’s such a lovely, polite young lady,” stated Cossairt. “We could tell she really wants to love and be loved right immediately.” She is protective and faithful to us, and she always follows us around.”

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