Blind Staffie Finds A Guide In His Forever Friend

Amos was born in a rescue center, blind and struggling to find a family.Jess Martin, a volunteer from a local rescue organization, discovered the beautiful Staffordshire and took the initiative to open a house for her.

But Jess was originally worried about how the 9-year-old Toby Terrier, will be with his new brother. But they both became a good good friend and Toby now is Amo’s unofficial guide dog. They went through some tremendous adventures together, and have formed extraordinary bonds, therefore thinking to add small families they sound frightening touches. After a few days of uncertainty between Toby and Amos, their friendship flourished.

They sniff together on the sofa, both even work on process synchronization commands during training.

The main problem for the owner is that other dogs dont like it when they approach him, obviously because he cant communicate in the same way, so he has no friends, but fortunately Toby is there to protect him and become his best friend.

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