No-One Wanted Pit Bull Pair, They Clung Together For Comfort In Loud Shelter

No-One Wanted Pit Bull Pair, They Clung Together For Comfort In Loud Shelter – News

When Jukebox and Agatha, two Pit Bulls, arrived at the shelter, their bond was immediately apparent. Despite the fact that they had a huge kennel with two separate beds, they were riveted to each other. They even slept in the same bed. Their bodies were inextricably linked.
The shelter volunteers were aware that this was no ordinary friendship, and they were concerned. Shelters are aware of the tragic fact. It’s a miracle when a dog finds a forever home. Finding a home for two full-grown Pit Bulls, on the other hand, would be practically impossible. Regardless of how much activists try to change this, the breed is stigmatized. This would be a fight, but no one was going down without a fight.

For a long period, Jukebox and Agatha were kept at the Pima Animal Care Center in Arizona. Despite calls for a home on social media, they waited and waited. Yes, they were together, but a shelter can be a difficult environment for dogs. It’s suffocatingly loud and bitterly chilly. Dogs are meant to be in loving homes.

Then, finally, Erin and Ubaldo came to meet the pair. Instantly they could see that these dogs could not be separated. The potential adopters thankfully had room in their home for the duo.

The new family’s fate was determined after meeting them in person. Jukebox and Agatha were kind, sweet dogs, as Erin and Ubaldo could see. They only wanted a place to call home for the rest of their lives so they could properly grow.

It was time to take Jukebox and Agatha home after the paperwork was completed. For their freedom journey, they were loaded into the van. They were taken inside the house after pulling into the driveway. “Mom and Dad,” Erin and Ubaldo, were eager to acclimate their new “babies” to their new surroundings.

As the couple moved in, Mom and Dad could see how grateful the dogs were to have a family. Even though they insisted on sleeping in the same bed, Erin and Udaldo believed they were doing the right thing by keeping them together.

When their new Dad talks about Agatha’s love, he gets teary-eyed. It’s almost as though she’s praising him all the time for giving them this wonderful new existence. Even after they’ve settled in and know they’re safe, they can’t help but reach out to double-check that the other is still there.

This narrative is unique for a variety of reasons. As dog enthusiasts, we are aware of the realities that Pit Bulls confront, particularly in shelters. We’re grateful to the shelter volunteers for taking extra special care of these pets and never giving up on finding them a forever home together. Of course, Erin and Ubaldo are also appreciated.

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