Following an expensive trip to the vet, the guy discovers that his limping dog was just emulating him out of pity

After expensive trip to vet man learns his limping dog was only copying him out of sympathy

A dog imitates his injured owner and goes viral in an extraordinary display of compassion and sympathy. After the owner shared the touching scene on social media, the two became well-known. What appeared to be a cause for concern for the man, however, turned out to be nothing more than a show of support from the dog.

FACEBOOK/Russell Jones

After suffering an ankle injury, Russell Jones of London, England, was forced to use crutches. When the owner took his 8-year-old lurcher Billy for a walk, though, he noticed something odd. All of a sudden, the dog began to limp. Jones was concerned and rushed him to the veterinarian to find out what had happened to his dog.


Billy’s worried owner spent roughly £300 ($400) on scans and X-rays, only to discover that his dog was copying him out of sympathy. And every time they went for a stroll together, the lovely Billy, like his human companion, was limping. Later that week, Jones’s wife Michelle spotted the lurcher dashing around the backyard and caught him red-handed.
“He walked in regularly, and they claimed they couldn’t find anything wrong with him when he came out,” Jones added. “It cost me £300 in vet fees and X-rays, yet there was nothing wrong with her except pity.” “I adore him.”

The touching video of Jones with his dog copying him went popular on social media, garnering a lot of attention from people all around the world. “He’s a clone of you.” That’s fantastic! “Though I sympathize with your vet bill,” one individual wrote. “He’s come out in sympathy with you!” one person commented. “Wishing you both a speedy recovery.”

Here’s a video of the moment:

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