Puppy Guides Alaskan State Trooper To Burning House of His Family

Dogs truly are man’s greatest friend, and they frequently demonstrate their devotion and bravery by keeping their masters safe.

A German Shepherd dog that had been adopted in Alaska by the owner, Buddy, distinguished himself as a hero when he asked a state trooper for assistance when his owner’s house caught fire. It was an extremely risky circumstance because the fire was started by a spark that ignited some gasoline. Buddy fled in search of assistance when he realized his master, Ben Heinrich, was in an extremely perilous situation.

While this was happening, neighbors called the police to report a fire, and Alaskan State Trooper Shanigan was the first to arrive. But as he was traveling, his GPS stopped working. He was trying to travel as slowly as he could to correctly follow the directions to the burning house as they were being sent to him by the station, as he was within 93 miles of the residence, in a region full of backroads. He spotted a dark figure emerge from the shadows onto the road as he approached the direction of the home.

Buddy was there.

You can watch a clip of Shanigan’s dashcam recording the moment the dog successfully guided him to the residence below:

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