Rescuer Discovers Tiny Pup Sheltering In A Shoe And Completely Changes Her Life

Abandoned puppy found sleeping in an old shoe finds forever home | Metro  News

On average, a street dog will not live past the age of two to five years. They don’t have access to the necessary nourishment and medical treatment to keep household pets healthy. Unsanitary environments can also raise the likelihood of injury or infection.

That is why one Serbian man has dedicated his life to assisting the neighborhood’s street animals. Goran Marinkovic wanders around Kraljevo with food in his backpack to feed the many stray animals in need.

Featured Image: Goran Marinkovic Facebook

The impact that one person may have on the neighborhood homeless pets is actually quite significant. That was particularly clear in the case of a dog Marinkovic met in March of 2020. “I heard crying coming from the rocks as I passed via a tiny route,” he told The Dodo. She was hungry and thirsty, and she was freezing. I was hungry, so I gave her salami right away.”

Featured Image: Goran Marinkovic Facebook

This puppy appeared to be too young to be on her alone, but Marinkovic couldn’t find a mother dog. The fact that she turned a shoe into a temporary home demonstrates how little and vulnerable this little puppy was.

The sad pup displayed symptoms of friendliness and helplessness by exposing her tummy to Marinkovic. He was well aware that she required his assistance.

“She was drained. She lay down and resigned to fate, knowing that I might be her only hope.”

Featured Image: Goran Marinkovic Facebook

Marinkovic took the dog, which he subsequently called Coco, to the veterinarian. Coco battled to restore her strength despite the fact that she had been living on her own for a long time in a perilous situation.

Marinkovic then reached out to other local and international animal rescuers. Coco would eventually travel to Germany to join her new family. You’d never guess this adorable dog was once a little puppy who was protected by a shoe.

Featured Image: Goran Marinkovic Facebook

[Coco] lives in a lovely house and is currently on vacation. I get images on a regular basis; they’re currently at sea. Every stray dog I rescue and place in a loving home is a success for me.”

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