stray dogs are allowed inside the bus terminal so they can have a warm place to sleep.

Simple kindness shown by Brazilian bus drivers to stray dogs made all the difference.
For some, the fall and winter months mark the start of the holiday season, while for others, they signal the start of a difficult time. While the holiday is a wonderful time to spend with family and friends, some are aware that it marks the start of the chilly and challenging seasons.

The homeless community is particularly affected by the seasonal change.

Sleeping somewhere warm often makes all the difference. Fall and winter are all about eking out a life and doing their best to stay warm for people who sleep on the streets.

The first indications of winter awaken animal instincts in species other than humans to seek out locations to stay warm.

Dogs frequently lack access to homeless shelters and programs, but many people can find shelter there throughout the winter. Fortunately, one Brazilian bus station decided to take issues into their own hands.

The Barreirinha bus terminal in Curitiba, Brazil, accomplished something amazing as winter neared.

This bus station flung open its doors for scores of stray canines looking for a place to sleep at night, rather than just observing them passively! The Barreirinha bus station allows any stray dogs to enter the warmth and spend a toasty night protected from the bitter cold at night when the temperature drops.

This was a kind thing to do, but it wasn’t even the start of the story.

When they witness animal suffering, some people’s hearts break for the creatures. That kind of compassionate person must have worked at the bus terminal. They thought they could do more after welcoming the dogs inside by opening their doors. They decided to try it, so each night they brought out mattresses and blankets for the dogs to sleep on.

The bus drivers eventually identified a few regulars after a few weeks of doing this.

After a few weeks, the bus drivers noticed some dogs that appeared every evening without fail. The little puppies, who were given the names Max, Pitoco, and Zoinho, quickly gained local fame!

Local legislator Fabiane Rosa was shocked when she first saw the dogs.

Fabiane took this photo of the puppies one day as she passed by the bus stop and saw them all curled up in their tiny blanket bundles. Photos were uploaded to Facebook and quickly went viral! The good deeds of people (and the sweetness of the pets) were adored by people everywhere!

She thanked the bus station employees in her tweet.

Fabiana gave the staff a well-deserved shout-out and said:

“Congratulations to the terminal staff; everyone is aware of these angels’ presence and acknowledges their legitimacy. This example of adopting a pet might be followed by numerous businesses in Curitiba. Although it is obviously not ideal, at least someone is taking care of them.

Dogs have been sleeping over at the bus stop ever since.

Since that act of compassion, the bus crew has hosted nightly “sleep-overs” for the dogs. It was only a little portion of the humans’ day. It was the most considerate thing anyone had ever done for the dogs.

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