Stray Dogs Have Warm Place To Sleep In A Special Café

Stray Dogs Have Warm Place To Sleep In A Special Café – News

On the Greek island of Lesbos, there is a unique café called Hott Spott that sells coffee during the day and transforms into a cozy haven for stray dogs at night. It’s making a difference in the lives of the country’s more than one million homeless canines, according to Greek charity.
According to a server at the café, it all started in July when the establishment began welcoming late-night patrons inside at 3 a.m., long after their last customers had left.
No, it hasn’t had an impact on their business. In fact, the café’s popularity has increased as a result of their dog project.
In Greece, where there are many stray dogs, such random acts of compassion for animals are widespread.

Despite being without a permanent home or family, these animals are often collared and cared for by the community

— an alternative to putting them into crowded shelters.

Many stray dogs are abandoned.

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