Mini Dachshund Herds Sheep Into Their Pens As Good As The Big Dogs

Mini Dachshund Herds Sheep Into Their Pens As Good As The Big Dogs – News

This small sausage demonstrates that it is not the size of the dog that determines whether or not it is capable of herding sheep; it is the determination within the dog that counts. Charlie Rowlands recorded his six-year-old mini dachshund Frankie herding sheep into farm paddocks in this adorable video. Frankie may be only 5.6″ tall, but he has the determination and talents of an experienced sheep herder.
Girilambone, New South Wales, hosted the event. Frankie walked into the paddocks and began herding the sheep right away. He performed as well as some much more seasoned working dogs. Despite being outnumbered and outsized, the brave tiny dude rushed around the pen herding the sheep. He rounded up the sheep with the precision of the pros never wavering from his mission.

Some sheep tried to flee, but they were no match for the cunning Frankie, who expertly led them back into the pen. His proprietor stated:

‘Frankie is a six-year-old Mini dachshund. He loves the farm life and in this video is helping move a new mob of sheep out to the paddocks.’

He added that “Frankie is a ‘real character’ and loves getting involved with all aspects of farm life, from chasing pigs to mustering sheep.”

Normally, Australian shepherds herd sheep in South Wales, but Frankie gave them a run for their money on this day. Frankie may not have been as agile as a shepherd, but he completed the task.

English shepherds, border collies, and kelpies are all popular herding dogs. It’s unusual to see a dachshund herding a flock of sheep. They are fearless scent hounds who enjoy hunting badgers, rabbits, and foxes.

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