Homeless Man Does Kindest Thing For Dog Who Was Dumped On Busy Road

Homeless Man Does Kindest Thing For Dog Who Was Dumped On Busy Road

Those who have the least among us are frequently the ones who recognize the value of a helping hand.
Angel Janes was driving home from work in Salt Lake City, Utah, last week when she came upon a homeless man sitting at the freeway exit with a sign asking for money or labor. She came to a halt to offer the man what she had, a cigarette, and observed that he was holding a small Chihuahua that was wrapped in a blanket to keep him warm.
According to heavenofanimals.com, it was evident that the man’s main focus was the puppy.

After Janes began conversing with the man, Ron, he asked whether she could provide a nice home for the dog. Ron informed her that he had seen a woman dropping her dog from her car on the busy road two hours before.
Ron came to get the dog since he was afraid for his safety.
“I was moved by this heartfelt person in the small time we chatted,” Janes told The Dodo. “All he wanted to do was do the right thing so this puppy wouldn’t end up homeless like me.”
Despite the fact that the abandoned Chihuahua was in good hands, Ron thought he deserved more than he could provide.

Janes shared the story with her friends on Facebook when she was unable to rehome the puppy herself. Kathleen Dallmann then shared the information on a page for local animal lovers, explaining where Ron could be found.
“A lady was on her way to pick up the puppy to foster him a few minutes after I posted it,” Dallmann told The Dodo. “As a token of her gratitude for keeping Ron safe, she presented Ron $50. ‘No, I just wanted to do the right thing,’ he explained. She urged, nevertheless, that he take it.”
It was clear that improving the tiny dog’s situation in life was the only thing that mattered to him at the time.
Dallmann recalled, “He was in tears because he was able to help the dog find a home.” “He stated he’d been homeless before and didn’t want the dog to be homeless as well.”

That’s when everything began to change for the dog — and for Ron, too.

The woman who’d taken up Ron’s Chihuahua was willing to foster him for as long as it needed to find him a forever home — which wasn’t long.
Chasity Guyer and her daughter chose to adopt the small puppy after learning about his plight. They hit it off right away, and he was given the nickname Lucky Louie in honor of how swiftly he received aid after losing everything.
So, where are we now?
“He’s doing great,” Guyer told The Dodo, adding that Lucky Louie can finally relax. “He’s not going away,” says the narrator.

The adoption of Lucky Louie was a big success for everyone involved, but Dallmann knew the narrative wasn’t over yet.
“I was overjoyed that everything had worked out for the dog,” she recalled, “but I couldn’t stop worrying about Ron.” “He didn’t have a place to call his own.” As a result, I created a GoFundMe page in his honor. I wasn’t sure whether anyone would donate, but after the news got out, it grew to $500.”
Dallmann said, “He was in tears.” “He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw what the community had done for him. When I handed him the money, he asked for a portion of it to go toward the upkeep of the dog. But I assured him that it was only for him.”
Ron expresses his gratitude to Dallmann in this video.

Ron has told Dallmann about his struggles, and she feels he is earnest in his desire to obtain permanent employment and turn his life around. He allegedly utilized the money to get off the street that night and to buy a cell phone with which to look for work.

“Now that he has a phone, we can communicate with him,” Dallmann added. “He is desperate to find work. Everyone, like the dog, is entitled to a second chance at life.”

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