Man Rescues Dog From Slaughterhouse, And She Can’t Stop Hugging Him

This Dog Can't Stop Hugging The Man Saved Her From Slaughterhouse

Are you aware of the Southeast Asian dog meat trade and Cambodian restaurants that serve dog meat? As a result, a large number of meat farms are effectively slaughterhouses. It’s utterly revolting and terrible. Thankfully, there are people out there who are on a mission to save pets who are going to die. Michael Chour, the creator of The Sound of Animals, a group that rescues canines from the Southeast Asian meat trade, is one of them. He’s become an outspoken opponent of dog meat consumption, and he’s had some success in saving pups destined for slaughter.

When Chour came across a dog butcher in Cambodia, he talked with the owner and was able to save 17 pups on the spot. Sweety was one of them. The tiny puppy cowered in the far corner of her cage. Inside her cage, she’d seen what happened to other dogs. They’d been dragged out by their necks and slaughtered for their meat. It would eventually be her turn. That day, Michael fell in love with Sweety. They created an unbreakable relationship as her saviour. She was so enamored with Michael that she couldn’t stop holding him when he embraced her. He chose to keep her and cultivate their great relationship.

All of the dogs were taken to a temporary shelter in O Smach, Cambodia, where their health would be examined before being transferred to The Sound of Animals’ huge canine shelter in Ban Kruat District, Thailand. We are eternally thankful to Chour for his vision and dedication to rescue puppies like Sweety. Thank you for your dedication and compassion, Chour. Your actions of generosity toward pets are quite remarkable.

A man named Michael Chour changed everything for the little dog. Man pulling dog out of cage. The moment Chour pulled Sweety out of the cage at the slaughterhouse

Chour hugging Sweety after he removed her from the cage.

Sweety being driven to the shelter in Thailand.

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