Dog Found On Side Of Road Immediately Snuggles Her Rescuer

Last week, Kris Lenker and her wife were travelling home from work when they noticed something on the highway ahead of them.

They assumed the small, tan animal was a newborn deer because they were out in the country, but when they came closer, they discovered their error. Lenker told The Dodo, “We slowed down and saw it was a dog.”

Lenker got out of the car and shouted out to the dog, but the frightened pup bolted down a trail. Lenker trailed close behind, unsure whether or not to turn around. “I couldn’t see her anymore, and we were on the verge of leaving,” Lenker explained. “However, I just had a hunch.”
After a few minutes of careful petting, Lenker discovered the dog hiding behind a fence, and the timid dog decided to take a chance. Lenker explained, “She curled her front paws around my neck and let me carry her back to the car.” “She was afraid, but I could tell she believed in me… We seemed to have been brought together for a cause.”

Her demeanor shifted as soon as the dog entered the car. She looked as if she realized she was finally protected. Lenker explained, “I just pet her and told her I had her.” “She basically crumpled into a lump in my lap at that point.” It’s as though a wave of relief has washed over her. She stayed in my lap the rest of the way home.”
The dog, whom the couple has called Reba, is relaxing in a warm bathroom while she decompresses and regains her vitality. When she’s ready, she’ll meet her new canine siblings, who will teach her the home rules.

“Belly rubs are her favorite, and she doesn’t hesitate to ask for them!” says Reba, who is still as friendly as the day they found her. According to Lenker. “She claws at us and rolls on her back until we give in.”

Reba was initially apprehensive about being rescued, but now she refuses to leave the house, even for potty training. She insists on being carried outside and back in by her mother at all times.

“I believe she is still terrified of being abandoned,” Lenker remarked.

Reba has only been home for a few days, but she’s already gaining weight and learning what it means to have a true family. “Her activity level has improved dramatically, and she is the sweetest little love bug,” Lenker added. “All she wants to do is cuddle up to us and kiss us.” It’s her favorite pastime.”

Reba was meant to be a part of their family, according to Lenker. “She wouldn’t allow anyone touch her,” Lenker added, “but she let us take her.” “She has put a lot of faith in us, and we have fallen in love.”

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