Stray Mama and Her Puppies Saved From Drainage Pipe Covered in Snow

Stray Mama and Her Puppies Saved From Drainage Pipe Covered in Snow

Mladenovac, Serbia’s Dog Rescue Shelter received a call about a dog lying in a drainage pipe by the side of the road. Rescuers were concerned about the dog’s welfare due to the severe winter weather.

They were told that if someone passed by, the dog would emerge from the pipe, suggesting that it was looking for aid. But it wasn’t until they arrived and discovered her with puppies that they realized how much aid she needed!

They discovered the drainage pipes hidden in the snow as they began their investigation. They discovered an exposed pipe with paw prints leading to it after investigating the area.

The dog emerged out of nowhere, peering down the dark pipe. She dashed over to them, desperate for their attention.

When they checked the pipe, they discovered her babies! The three puppies were too scared to come out, so they returned the pipe to the mama in the hopes that her puppies would follow her out, but they refused.
So they put the mama dog in the car first, then went back to the puppies to try to lure them out with food. The puppies, on the other hand, were still too young to eat and were still suckling from their mother.
They attempted a variety of additional methods to get the puppies out before nightfall. The brush and stick approach finally worked! They were able to get the pups out one by one!

The babies and mama were treated for parasites and received any necessary veterinary treatment after they returned to the shelter. They were all finally somewhere warm and safe after the mama wolfed down a large supper.

In the video below, you can see the touching rescue:

To think this poor family was surviving in the damp and cold. Thank goodness they are now safe!

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