Stray Doggo Misses Man So Much That She Went To His Workplace To Find Him!

Stray Doggo Misses Man So Much That She Went To His Workplace To Find Him!

This doggo is such a sweetheart!

I’m sure we’ve all had experiences with stray animals, whether they were cats or dogs. Because some of us are unable to bring them home, we must content ourselves with playing with them every day. This stray was missing the man who scratched her every day, so she went looking for him!
Mohd Ridhuan’s video of him chatting to the stray doggo has received 8,000 retweets and 14,600 likes on Twitter. The dog seemed sad in the video because her ears were at the back of her head and not near to her head. Ridhuan may be seen caressing her chin and head and offering her words of comfort.

“I’ll be going back home now. Don’t be sad. I’ll be coming again tomorrow!”

The 22-year-old from Johor told World of Buzz that he met the dog approximately three weeks ago at a beach where he normally hangs out with his mates. There were four dogs there, and Ridhuan was hesitant to approach them at first. However, after a while of watching them, they began to wag their tails when Ridhuan approached, prompting him to begin touching and feeding them.
Ridhuan hasn’t been to the beach in a while due to work, so one of the dogs went in search of him! He stated that his business was approximately 200 meters from the shore and that he was astonished to see her. He added that two of the dogs were caught by authorities while another one was near a food court nearby.


Ridhuan promised to bring gloves every day so he could pet the excellent doggo!

Isn’t this just the cutest thing ever?

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