“They are God’s creation and gift to us” Handicapped Council Worker Shares How Stray Dogs Protect Him

“They are God’s creation and gift to us” Handicapped Council Worker Shares How Stray Dogs Protect Him

Dogs are the most devoted creatures you’ll ever meet. Unfortunately, Malaysians’ attitudes about dogs aren’t always positive. We hear too many stories about individuals mistreating dogs who don’t deserve to be abused. Thankfully, there are still good-natured people out there, like this public servant, who understand how animals are actually nature’s gift to us.

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Jagdeep Dhillon recently posted a beautiful chat he had with a humble Malay municipal worker he met while jogging near Resavoir Garden in Air Putih, Penang, on Facebook. Jagdeep noticed that the council worker was unconcerned about the dogs in the area and inquired,

“Brother, you don’t get bitten by the dogs while you’re working?” “They never bite boss,” the man replied. They are the work of God and a gift to us.” The council worker then revealed that, as a handicapped man, he is vulnerable to robbery because he works till 5 a.m. on some days.

However, because the dogs are present, they remain to keep an eye on him and his disabled bike to assure his safety. “Then why do people detest [dogs] and murder [them], claiming that they are hazardous pets and forbidden in religion?” Jagdeep inquired of the worker.
“Boss, I get up early every day to pray. Those who comprehend prayers will comprehend dogs and their sincerity. Many [people] complain about things they don’t like. Are these people actually devout Christians?”

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After that, the council worker demonstrated why dogs are so possessive of their territory. They simply react intuitively, same as humans do when you intrude on their personal zone. “Dogs, too, have rules.” You don’t enter their compound or go beyond its boundaries. You will be attacked if you do so. Do you dare to just walk into someone else’s home, boss? You will be beaten as well if you enter.”
The man then explained how dogs had to deal with a lot of difficulties throughout their lives. “We beat them up, call them names, and even treat them like beggars, but we humans are actually beggars.” These canines will trail me until I reach the traffic light whenever I finish my tasks. It’s like a great farewell. Who would do such a thing for a disabled person like me?”

The municipal worker’s response moved Jagdeep to tears, and he thanked him for sharing his story. He then recommended other internet users to learn from this like-minded individual.
“Killing animals, especially dogs and cats, will not make you great or grant you instant access to Heaven. “Take notes from this guy.”
What a heartfelt story. What are your thoughts on this?

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