Two strangers discover a dog tied to a post in the rain and offer assistance.

Two Strangers Find Dog Tied To A Post In The Rain And Help Out

When people inside the Gala Bingo hall in Dover, UK, peeked outdoors, they saw something that warmed their hearts right away. In the pouring rain, two strangers stopped and removed their rain gear to shelter a dog tethered to a post. While keeping the dog dry, they stood in the rain, getting saturated.
“These two good-hearted people are kindly assisting a stranger’s dog in staying dry during the torrential rain earlier today.”

“It really is quite heart warming to see acts of kindness like this.”

The couple was given umbrellas by bingo hall patrons as they waited 20 minutes for the dog’s owner to return. The proprietor claimed he had no idea how hard it was raining.

This act of charity by two generous people deserves all the praise it can get. It’s stuff like this that makes me believe in humanity again.

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