First Night at Home from the Shelter – Happiest adoption Photo ever!

The happiest adoption photo ever! This is how saving a life appears. The dog had an ear-to-ear smile on its face.

The way the adorable dog was giving the toddler a hug almost gave the impression that the youngster had just been adopted from a shelter. Really charming.

They don’t make many requests, do they? All I want is another shot at a loving home. They are not at blame.

A recently adopted pit dog cuddled up to his human little sister and smiled, knowing that his great home now provided safety and comfort.

Pit bulls are less likely to be adopted than other breeds, and being a pit bull can result in a dog spending three times as much time in a shelter.
Pit bulls are a [co.ntentious] breed because of the numerous [as.saults] and [ma.ulings] that have occurred, and potential owners generally steer clear of them.

This by Far is the most precious Picture of a Child and his Dog. . A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!!!!!

He knows how fortunate he was to have been adopted by you. He now has you as family to love and care for! He’s going to be your best friend for the remainder of his life.

They are the most exquisite animals, with such gentle personalities. What a wonderful photo. All they desire is affection from their family, a place to sleep, and food.











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