She Tucked Herself Near Woman’s Porch Hoping For A Meal, She Met Them Instead

Many stories can be told by a homeless animal. We can only go by what we observe because a dog can’t communicate like we can. Her tale was evident to one Pit Bull. It had been a long journey filled with heartbreak and abandonment, but her narrative was far from over.

Lakita was discovered beside a woman’s porch in a mound of rubbish. Her odor was terrible. The woman who discovered her believed she was dying and that rescuers had little time to arrive. As a result, they hurried over.

But then, Lakita stood up. She seemed to understand that Tracy and her team were there to help her. There now was a spark that motivated the sullen dog. She understood that she mattered and that may have been the first time she ever felt that way.

The next step was to take her to animal control for a medical examination and to inform anyone who was seeking for her that she had been discovered. Of course, that didn’t work out. Tracy took Lakita home with her, and within a week, she had undergone a significant shift.

Lakita gained weight quickly by eating tiny meals frequently throughout the day. Her fur was gleaming! The best part was that Lakita was eager to participate! She felt safe and content. What a blessing!

Lakita needed a forever home now that she was well. Volunteers snapped and uploaded gorgeous Christmas photos of her all decked up. Sebastian and Ashtyn, her future parents, couldn’t resist Lakita’s lovely tutu.

Lakita has finally found her everlasting home! She has a fantastic home with three tiny people who adore her. Her best friends are the children, and she spends as much time with them as she can. She also looks after them.

We see a lot of stories like this one because Pit Bulls and Pit mixes are more likely than any other breed to end up in shelters. They are by far the first animals to be killed at kill shelters. People still believe that all Pits are harmful, despite education and word of mouth. They are a danger to youngsters. That they are unworthy of loving homes.

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