Pregnant Dog Saves 4 Hospice Patients When Fire Broke Out in Facility

Pregnant Dog Saves 4 Hospice Patients When Fire Broke Out in Facility | I Love My Dog So Much

There are numerous accounts of people racing into burning buildings to save dogs from the flames, but there are also heroes who bravely face danger. A gorgeous pregnant dog is one of these heroes, having sacrificed her life to save four elderly people at a hospice institution. Matilda never hesitated to aid the innocent patients when a fire broke out in St. Petersburg, Russia.

She barked again to notify the four people, who thankfully escaped without incident, but Matilda was not so fortunate. Firefighters were too preoccupied with assisting residents and putting out the fire to notice the brave dog. Instead, she was chained inside the burning building with no way out.

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“In the midst of the chaos, everyone forgot about the leashed dog named Matilda.” According to SPB, Motya, as she is lovingly known, “could not escape the fire and was badly injured.”

A news reporter aired photographs of Matilda’s serious injuries hours after the fire had died down while alerting everyone else to the fire. Animal rights activists raced to the site in order to save the dog. Matilda was taken to a shelter and clinic by Alexander Tsinkevich and Elena Kalinina, where they discovered she was pregnant. Her face, neck, and abdomen were severely burned. Her fragile muzzle had been stripped naked, leaving only burned skin.

Surprisingly, a reproductive specialist examined the dog and her pups and discovered that they were all alive and well. Volunteers are stepping forward to support Matilda and her infants, despite the fact that the hospice owner was unable to assist them.

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